Saturday, 11 March 2017

Love yourself

Hi everyone,

I hope you all lovely ladies had good time on the occasion of Women's day!

This time I decided to make gift for my self. Always we are busy in our daily responsibilities and does not get time for ourselves. So my today's post is about love yourself, feel special, and be happy so that you can make everyone happy.


I made one bracelet for me using my favourite art Paper Quilling.

The diameter of this bracelet is 2-1/2".
I started making tight coli ring of 2-1/2" diameter using 10mm strip. Then I just attached 4 rings to each other to construct bracelet and to give some height. After that I have started decorating it using lots of different shapes using 3mm strips with different colours. I also used small mirror to decorate my bracelet.

Hope you all will like my project. Thanks for stopping by. Waiting for comments.

Video Tutorial 

I am attaching this project with


  1. Very Pretty Shivani..

  2. What a lovely bracelet.
    Beautifully done. Thank u for joining us at IQCG.
    DT Priya

  3. Super gorgeous. I have a question though. How do you work out the details? I mean you have a repetitive pattern here, how did you manage to achieve that?

    1. Thank you Sheetal for appreciating.. I take same size strips for one pattern. And it's all about practice.

  4. colourful bracelet and a beautiful gift to you shivani.Good Luck & Thank you for joining us at Indian Quilling Challenge.
    IQCG Owner

  5. Lovely bracelet. Would love to have one myself ;-)
    Thanks for joining us at IQCG.
    DT - Gouri

  6. Beautiful bangle! Thanks for participating in IQCG!! All The best!

    -Priyanka Srivastava (DT)

  7. Hi Shivani, I know a 11 year old girl who is passionate about quilling. We stay in Mumbai and look forward to talk to you for ideas on how she can take her interest forward. How can we contact you apart from commenting here? You can contact us on