Friday, 28 July 2017

Dream Catcher

Hi friends.. I am posting today about very interesting thing to decorate your room that is Dream Catcher.. 

I have created this dream catcher for my own. I have started with making thread rings( I used yarn here) using string art. Here I created four different size rings. I took card board as a base of rings and covered these card board with colored paper. Then I attached some tight coils around it.

After that I connected rings with each other by adding pearls chains between these rings.

I attached key chain holder ring on top to make it hang. And at the end I have connected some quilled feathers on bottom of rings.

Hope you all will like my work. Thanks for stopping by. Please share your thoughts.

I am attaching this dream catcher project with


  1. It's so beautifully done...
    I love all colors and different mediums used on it.
    Thanks for participating at IQCg. See u again.

  2. Great going! Nice project. Thanks for participating in IQCG.